The Silent Song

What we don’t realise about life

Watching the Sun go down the horizon……

……nothing could get better than that right ? Well something can be……..A sunset on a peaceful Friday.

For a moron like me who would spent most of his time on an RGB screen, staring at an illusion, the deception was almost unnoticeable.

What is this about ?
We will come to that in a moment but before that let me tell you something, don’t even think about spirituality and enlightenment, its not that and it never will be.
This is about one day, a Friday obviously but not the 13th for sure (don’t even).
Well for a moron, it was a boring lonely evening at home. After a long day staring at my laptop, both me, my phone and my laptop were exhausted. We decided to take a break. I went out and sat outside. Nothing special. Could hear vehicles honking to overtake the one ahead, humans!. So annoying. Closed my eyes to take a deep breath, yeah that’s when it happened, i felt like I was in a lagoon, in the warm water. I felt the pressure of water on my heart and alas!
The light began to exude…….the light rays scattered on my eyebrows and the color palette on thin lines that lasted till the blink of an eye.
The fog clears, fraction of a second passes and now my eyes locks on to that view, there she was…….like a Van Gogh, perfect blend of colours. Her warmth almost reached my eyes.
Like the nine symphonies, it couldn’t be complete without the pitch, the rhythm, the texture……The cold breeze came and the leaves tumbled. The wind sang her song. I felt it sweep my face and the lagoon was suddenly cold. I could hear nothing but the air and then just like that a crow started to caw and in an instance got a reply…………… ‘caw’ ……..from further away.
From far far distances, talking to each other. It was all subtle and didn’t lose the rhythm.
” It was the greatest musical of all time”
I never thought I would be able to enjoy this “silent song” that nature always sings. Why was I always deaf? why didn’t I hear this sooner ? Why did I think there was nothing but silence out there ?
In our life sometimes the things that are around us everyday which we always fails to recognize are the ones that gives us the most joy. An oxymoron can be so meaningful sometimes, that it becomes lost in its own meaning. We fail to realise.
“Realization is what brings meaning to life.”