Lonely moth

Well, It’s time to fly“- she said to herself. All alone in the deep dark woods, on the tip of a brush tree leaf…..clinging on and swaying in the winter breeze.

The dark night consumed the forest, silence shivered upon the night. The clouds gently conveyed by the wind like a veil and there was someone, staring at the silent woods. What was her name ? Selene? Hecate? She had many names but all we knew was that she was beautiful. ” The moon” we call her. A bit hard hearted that word is, for her beauty was above all and today she was at her full glory.

When the moth was ready to come out of the cocoon, she knew not that their was nobody waiting for her. Her mother already left , giving ‘birth‘ to the young ones. She was all alone.
The child struggled to break free, the thought of outer world, to see the the world from above. She almost gave up. The pressure was immense so was the eager of the young one to break free from the cage. To see with her own eyes the beauty that lies beyond. She kept on trying…again….and again…..and again…………
And in an instance!!!!!!!yes!!!!!!!she did it! She broke the shell!!. She could feel the cold winter breeze on the tip of her wings. The gate could hold her no longer! She was stronger !
What happened !!?? Did she expect her mother to be there ? Did she knew who her mother was? ? Where she came from ? No. She did not. Was she confused ? Yes, a little bit. But was she alone ?
She was not!!!!!!!

It was a cold, dry and dark night. Darkness…. around, she lost all hope. She didn’t knew what to do and then an unforseen light fell on her. Even though it wasn’t really, she felt a little warmth like if she was embraced by her mother. She looked up and she said to herself……,
At that moment, she realised that she was not alone. She knew who she was, She knew her purpose, Everything made sense.
She was ready!!!
She opened her wings, slowly, desperately……….All this time crumbled like a paper ball, It was hard… stretching wings for the first time.
The wind blows…..quavering along her wings, lifting her up from the twig. She felt alive.
She looked up to the bright light above all……… flapping her wings to touch the sky!!!!!
The moonlight reflecting off the trees, the leaves, the hill slopes………she could see them all. Her wings reflected the light like a water droplet on a leaflet.

Today was her day.
Tomorrow shall be yours.

“Women are the most exploited group in our society. Discrimination and worthless traditions forces them to keep their wings crumbled. It is time they broke free and fought against such superstitions and discriminations. Follow the light that leads you to your goals. We are human beings. We have no intrinsic purpose. Believing that we have a purpose is one of our biggest mistakes. We make our own lives and we choose who or what we want to be. Your future lies within you and you only. Today was her day, Tomorrow is your day”

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